Refreshers are offered on the Sunday of our Open Water Diver Class weekends.

Haven’t been in the water in a while? If you haven’t been in the water recently and are going away or just want to get back into diving, then we have a few refresher options to make it easy to get back in the water! Do you also need a new PADI card? Then option #1 is for you. If you do not, then option #2 works.

Option 1: Re-activate
With the re-activate option, not only do you get to refresh your skills with an online review and a pool session, but you will also receive a new, re-activated certification card. This option is ideal if you have misplaced or want a second PADI card. To sign up for the re-activation, go to and follow the instructions on the back of this page.

Option 2: Scuba Tune-up
With the Scuba Tune-Up, you will not receive a new card but you will still receive online training as well as a pool session. This is a great option if you still have your certification card and are just feeling a little rusty with your in-water skills.

Both options contain the following components:
1. Knowledge Development – This develops your familiarity with basic principles and procedures using realistic dive
scenarios. The online learning will move on when you understand the material, or provide additional information if you
weren’t quite right. Must be completed before the pool session.

2. Confined Water Portion – You will develop basic scuba skills in the pool, refreshing how to set up your gear, and
practice some emergency skills.

Materials: All required learning materials are available online.
Cost: $70-80 Re-activate Online *OR* $70 Scuba Tune-up Online + In-water Component $100 (using your own equipment) *OR* $135 (with our equipment)
Note: Must be booked and paperwork filled out a minimum one week in advance. Equipment rental (if needed) can be picked-up the Friday before the pool session.

Prerequisites: To enroll in the PADI Re-activate or Tune-up refresher courses, you must be 10 years or older with a previous PADI Open Water Diver Certification or higher. A simple Medical form must also be completed to ensure your safety while diving. Some simple paperwork will be required, and you’ll need to ensure you own appropriate fins, mask and snorkel.

e-Learning: Must be completed before pool sessions.
Pool: Sunday @8:15am – 12:00pm (Wayne Gretzky Pool)

pdf-iconDownload the 2018 Open Water Scuba_Refreshers Course PDF

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