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Saba the Unspoiled Queen

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Dive into crystal clear waters in unspoiled Saba and enter a dazzling underwater wonderland. Located next to St. Maarten in the Caribbean, Saba earned the nickname “The Unspoiled Queen” for its exquisite diving and ecotourism attractions. Saba’s warm, crystal clear waters attract divers from across the planet with over 30 unique dive sites to choose from. Saba’s azure waters offer unparalleled visibility and magnificently diverse marine life. The Dutch Caribbean island is safe, friendly, and packed with exquisite natural beauty both above and below the water.

Saba Marine Park

The award winning Saba Marine Park remains the only park of its kind in the world to be completely self-sufficient in its operation. The park is a natural underwater reserve situated around the entire island. Scuba diving is renowned here, but there are also opportunities for freediving, snorkeling or swimming at one of Saba’s two ocean coves. Saba offers a multitude of astonishing diving locations suitable for advanced and novice divers. Here, scientists have recorded more than 150 species of fish. Unusual and exciting sightings are always possible in Saba’s waters including frequent shark encounters. Depths of a 1000 feet and over are found within half a mile from shore. Visibility ranges from a minimum of 20m (60ft) to virtually unlimited.

Mantas, Frogfish & Sharks, Oh My!

Saba is a colourful kingdom with giant sponges, colourful corals, sharks, manta rays, turtles and luminous tropical fish. Its healthy reefs are home to a fabulous abundance of sea life. Nassau Grouper (Graysbys, Hinds, Coneys) can be seen on every dive. Due to protection of their food sources within Saba Marine Park, both Green and Hawksbill Turtles thrive around the island. Provided that divers approach slowly, the turtles will continue to feed while having their picture taken. Conch, lobster and a variety of crabs can be observed on every dive. Dolphins, Great Barracuda, Wahoo, Tarpon and five species of shark are often lurking about, along with rare and fascinating frogfish. Lucky divers may encounter Hammerhead and Whale Sharks, Manta and Spotted Eagle Rays, Longsnout Seahorses and Frog Fish. During winter months, divers can sometimes hear whales singing to each other.

Above the Waterline

The only one island of Saba is actually a dormant volcano that rises steeply from the azure Caribbean sea. Thought it is only 13 km² in size, it is oozing with pristine flora and fauna. Hikers can climb the island’s pinnacle, Mt. Scenery, passing giant elephant ears, ferns, begonias, mangoes, palms, and orchids along the way. There are no franchises on the island, only small eclectic bars and restaurants. This ‘special municipality’ of the Netherlands is incredibly organic, laid-back and pristine. Saba is a tropical paradise that is free of tourist traps, leaving nothing but unadulterated natural wonder above and below the surface.

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Author: Float N' Flag