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About Us

Welcome to Float N’ Flag Dive Center – the innovative and leading PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre in Canada. Scuba diving is our passion, and we love snorkeling too!

Broadly recognized as one of the fastest-growing and most influential names in the Canadian diving world, our team has a passion for providing new and certified divers with the best recreational and professional diving training. In short… We create great divers! We are also committed to achieving the highest standards in the safest environment. Low student to staff ratios in all our courses mean you’ll receive more individual attention and can really sharpen your skills. We have the professional Instructors and Divemasters to give you the hands-on, individualized training you deserve to develop into a safe and accomplished diver. The Float N’ Flag difference is often cited as our unique and unparalleled ability to introduce and assist divers in mastering the sport of diving through experience and continuing education. We excel at safety and want you to stay safe always too. But in the end, we just want to share the fun and excitement of this exhilarating sport with you while modeling all the safety protocols that will keep you diving for years to come!

Float N’ Flag has been serving happy and adventurous divers in Ontario and the GTA for more than four decades. Drop by the Dive Shop and experience the FNF difference for yourself. We have the largest and most active dive community in the area, with activities, events, free seminars, guest speakers, BBQ’s, seasonal parties and more happening throughout the year. With a huge locally active dive crew, there’s always local diving going on. Our Tobermory Takeover is the industry’s largest dive weekend in Ontario, with 60-70 divers converging on the shipwreck capital of Canada every August. We also run many other local diving events, including weekend trips to Brockville, Tobermory, Gilboa, the Niagara River, Lark Erie, Lake Ontario, Wiarton and many more. You’ll almost always find some of us diving in Humber Bay, Gulliver’s Lake, the Niagara River or one of the other local quarries. For those more drawn to the warm crystal blue tropical waters, Float N’ Flag Travel can look after all your dive trip needs. In addition to making personal arrangements for you, we organize groups to travel to resorts and liveaboards all over the world. The shop is filled with stunning photos from some of the most incredible underwater santuaries in the world, all taken by our divers!! So if you’re looking for a community to make new friends and travel with, you’ve found your new home!

Still want to know more? Every day we strive to raise the bar and be the gold standard for all the other dive centers in Canada. Our Air & Nitrox fill station is the most advanced in the industry, so you’ll actually be breathing the “Best Air in Canada”. We bank 32% Enriched Air, so you can get Nitrox fills while you wait. Our rental gear is renewed every 2 years, meaning you’re using the best, most up-to-date equipment and gear. We have lots of inventory, meaning you’ll usually be able to walk away with what you need. Come check it out for yourself.

Our commitment to excellence was recognized by both the dive community and by PADI, which ultimately earned us the unique distinction of being a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center. The PADI 5 Star IDC membership level is awarded to progressive PADI Dive Centers that excel in providing dive consumers with a full range of diver education programs, equipment selection, and experience opportunities that actively promote aquatic environmental awareness.

When you dive with Float N’ Flag, you’ll enjoy a customized diving experience with the industry’s best, most qualified diving professionals. Don’t miss out on the best experiences of your life! Observe nature… seek adventure… explore the world and push the limits of your imagination! Dive with us today!

Open Water Diver Course

Perhaps, scuba diving lessons have always been of high interest to you, and you really want to experience an unequaled adventure to see the world right under the waves, it all begins here. The Open Water Diver course is one of the world’s most popular and widely accepted scuba course, giving you a license to scuba dive anywhere in the world.

Scuba – Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus – diving is an amazing recreational activity that has been a favorite among outdoor adventure seekers for years. And at Float N’ Flag Dive Center, we help you master the art of scuba diving with our complete and well-packaged PADI Open Water Diver Course. In this course, Float N’ Flag experienced team of professional diving instructors will be on the ground to take you through the basics of learning how to scuba-dive.

We ensure a seamless mastering of the basics by starting with a pool or pool-like conditions, after which we progress to the open water (ocean, lake, quarry and others) while ensuring you get the background knowledge along the way.

The Course

The Float N’ Flag PADI Open Dive Water Course comprises three primary stages – the Class, Pool, and Open Water stages. The expertly-designed course is sure to take divers through the rudiments of diving through class lectures, trials in small water bodies before proceeding to the open waters. In each of this stages, our professional instructors will guide you through the processes involved, with a lot of individual attention. This does not only ensure you finish your course with superior skills and confidence, but it also ensures that you stayed safe and focused all through.

Stage 1: The class offers an excellent avenue for knowledge development in open diving. With this, we intend to develop your familiarity with the basic principles and procedures of diving. After thorough class lectures and discussions, divers will complete the process on their own, by reading the PADI Open Water Diver Manual and watching the corresponding section of the PADI Open Water Diver DVD.

Stage 2: This is the stage where prospective divers get to practice in confined water bodies. Here, they develop the basic scuba skills in a swimming pool, for example. Divers will get to learn everything, from gear setups to a seamless removal of water from your mask without surfacing. Over the course of the weekend, divers will attain the required skills necessary to ensure a safe dive in open water.

Stage 3: Here, in the company of your fellow trainee divers, you will continue learning during four open water dives. Your PADI instructor will always be on the ground to oversee this aspect in one of our safe dive sites. This is the stage where you get to enjoy the great fun, putting it all together and experiencing the underwater adventure and thrills. Upon successful completion of these four Open Water dives, you’ll be a certified PADI OPEN WATER DIVER!

However, earning your PADI Open Water Diver certification is just the beginning. Adventure awaits you every time you head under water, and Float N’ Flag gives you lots of opportunities to do that.

So you have decided to take the old adventure boots off, trade them for a tank full of air and some fins? Kindly proceed to open or download the Float N’ Flag Open Water Scuba Diver PDF below. It’ll give you extensive insight into the course, costs, gears that you’ll need and a list of all the dates this course is offered this year.

If you don’t see a date that works for you, be sure to contact us, as we add courses regularly based on demand. Our PADI Open Water diver course schedule is flexible, and we can adapt the itinerary to fit your plans.

Reach out to us today and together, let us explore the depths of the mysterious underwater world safely and excitingly!

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