Jan 17 – New PADI Tec Programs: What’s right for me and when?

PADI recently revamped most of their Technical diving program. Exciting changes like more time for shutdown drills in a Drysuit/cold water, plus the optional addition of Trimix at the various levels, make this an exciting time to look into Tec programs to see if they might interest you. There is even a new Tec Basics course, designed to help you get comfortable with all the new gear you’ll be using in a controlled environment. Join David Craig and other Technical divers and staff to find out all about these new programs and how you might get involved.

Feb 7 – Myths and “Facts” in Diving Physiology

Information shared as both 'fact' and 'myth' can often be can a confusing mix of either or both. This presentation will consider some of what we know and what we don't know to help clarify or, in some cases to identify, areas of misconception. Join Dr. Pollock and the FNF crew for this educational evening. Webinar will be by Zoom with gathering at the shop for those that wish.

Feb 20 – Discover All That Curacao Has To Offer

If you’re a diver, you’ve likely been to Curacao or heard of it and it’s on your list. If not, it should be, as it’s one of the most incredible Caribbean Islands to go diving. FNF Travel has been leading trips to this special island for decades, and we’re headed there again in May (yes, there is still room for more divers!!). Join Bryan Horne from Dive Curacao and Tammy from Float N’ Flag Travel to deepen your understanding of all that Curacao has to offer. There may just be a special surprise for those registering for the upcoming trip in May as well.

Feb 21 – Understanding Fourth Element’s Ocean Positive Focus & Their Brand

As divers, there are a few core things that are really important for all of us. Keeping warm. Sun Protection. Ocean Conservation. Fourth Element is an unrivalled global leader in keeping you warm, protecting your skin and is saving the ocean doing it? Both above and below the water?! Mike Ehly and Michele Tomilo from Fourth Element will be joining us on Feb 21 to help share this incredible story about their brand and their Ocean Positive focus and impact. We guarantee you’ll come away with a commitment to their products and their cause, and you’ll understand why Float N’ Flag has had them as a strategic partner for over 15 years. We’ll have their products on hand so you understand everything, and even show you a live demonstration of their proprietary BioMap sizing procedure to ensure your Fourth Element Drysuit is an incredible personal fit. Attendees will receive a special offer available only that night.

Feb 22 – Live Your Adventure… Discover the path to your Dreams!

Whether you’re an experienced diver or a novice, or perhaps not even a diver (yet), this special evening is a great opportunity to explore a path forward to more fun, more friends, cool travel experiences, more diving and for some, possibly a career! At this energetic and informative evening, our PADI regional manager, Charles DuPont, will be on hand to share some of his own scuba journey, and we’ll even interview our own son, Blake Snyder, who has just completed his Divemaster course. This is a unique evening as we’ll have some packages put together for all attendees that may just have you jumping for joy! Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

POSTPONED - Keys to Amazing Photography

If you are like most of us, a great photo of an underwater creature we love, or one we have never seen before, evokes a real emotional response. For me, that’s almost always followed by the thought “How did they ever get that image?” Gary Burns, an Ikelite Ambassador and long time friend of Float N’ Flag once hailed from Canada, but now lives in California. He’s out shooting every weekend, and is forever creating this sense of awe and wonder for me through the lens of his camera. Join us as Gary shares some stories, tips and techniques to help take your photography to the next level.

Mar 20 – Discover Bucket list destinations with our new travel partner!

Float N’ Flag Travel is pleased to bring you this special evening on March 20, 2024 when Mike Quinto from Exoticca Tours will be on hand to unpack the amazing and affordable worldwide Adventures they have to offer. Their specialty tours span the globe and they are ideally suited to handle all, or part of, your dream vacation.

FNF travel is partnering with Exoticca to introduce you to these exciting Bucket list destinations. They specialize on individualized attention on spectacular adventures. They will amaze you with their extensive options, itineraries and personalized services.

Mar 27 – The Art & Science of Finning Techniques

Have you ever wondered how “those guys” do it? Turning on a dime? Frog Kicking instead of flutter kicking? As a PADI Master Instructor, Cave Diver and Technical Diver, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and is one of the longest standing staff members on the FNF team. Don’t miss this exclusive evening to find out more about what kick to use, when, and how. The classroom setting will be interactive and engaging, but we’ve also set up April 7th as an accompanying pool session that you can attend to watch live Demo’s and practice under Paul’s guidance.

April 24 – Diving Deep into the History of the Wrecks of Toby & Brockville

Chris Kohl is a well known Maritime Historian, with a passion and focus on the great lakes. He’s the author and researcher of a number of books on the wrecks of the Great Lakes, among others, and speaks at conferences and seminars around the world. We are lucky to have Chris so close to us calling Windsor his home, and he has graciously agreed to put on an info night for us about the Wrecks of Tobermory and Brockville. This informal but informative gathering is for all levels of diver, from any shop or club, that is interested in the maritime history of the area. We will have books for sale and Chris will be signing copies for those that wish.

2023 Past EVENTs


You are cordially invited to join us on Friday, December 8th at the store at 6:00pm for an evening of great food, fun, and fellowship. We will close the store early that day in preparation for the big event.

We encourage you to come along with your family or dive buddies. To help us plan for numbers, please register and let us know if you’ll be attending and how many people will be in your party.

Once again, it will be a potluck. Bring your favourite appetizer or dessert (you can let us know on your sign-up form what you are bringing). We will be providing the beverages & the Sushi boats!


On Monday Sept 25, we have our annual Bare Drysuit VIP day. If you order and get measured for one of the qualifying Bare drysuits that day, you’ll save over $700 by getting Free Cuff Rings installed at the factory, a free Bare base layer set (top and bottom) and Float N’ Flag will do your PADI drysuit certification course for Free as well (student purchases the e-learning and course fees are waived). That saves you over $720!! Click Here to Register for an appointment.

This is a great opportunity to save a ton of $ when buying a drysuit, and the deposit is only $500 with your order, with balance due on delivery. Timing is great as you’ll be diving in the spring with your new suit and extending your season!

If you want to set up some time to talk about drysuits in advance, please reach out by CLICKING HERE and we’ll set up an appointment to review features and pricing so you can make an informed decision.


Whether you’re an experienced diver or a novice, or perhaps not even a diver (yet), this special evening is a great opportunity to expand your horizons and explore a path forward to more fun, more friends, cool travel experiences, more diving and for some, possibly a career!

Come join us for this energetic and informative evening. You’ll discover there are so many fun things to learn, there is a lifetime of fun here. We’ll dispel some myths about certain programs, like “Divemaster is for those who want a Dive Career”. Quite the contrary. It’s for a parent that wants to stay ahead of their kids, or a diver just looking to up their skills or a single diver looking to improve their confidence when diving with new buddies.

Our PADI regional manager, Charles DuPont, will be on hand to share some of his own scuba journey, and we’ll also interview our own son, Blake Snyder, who has just completed his Divemaster course. Dale McKnight, one of our Tec Instructors at the shop, will also talk about his own scuba story which began many years ago, and in many ways may have touched us all.

This is a unique evening as we’ll have some packages put together for all attendees that may just have you jumping for joy! Please register on our website so we know how many are planning on joining in on the fun. Look for the LIVE YOUR ADVENTURE event.

2022 Past EVENTs


If you trained a long time ago, dive tables are likely very familiar to you. But those trained in recent years have had very little exposure to dive tables adn how to use them. Frankly, dive computers have evolved so much and make so much info available that dive tables almost feel unnecessary. But do you know why your dive computer reacts the way it does? Why certain calculations are even made at all? Many of us don’t, and even a basic level of understanding on Dive Tables can help bring these things into focus. Please join us for an hour while our Course Director, Brad Snyder, unpacks how and when to use dive tables. This is a fun night with no pressure. Just join in to see how it all works. Guaranteed that you’ll be glad you did.


Join some of FNF’s Drysuit divers (and possibly a surprise guest speaker) as we look at whether a drysuit is right for you, various types of drysuits, and which one is the best choice for the diving you plan on doing. Needs differ greatly depending on whether you are planning on being a commercial diver, diving only up here in cold water or perhaps considering being a cave diver in Florida. We’ll also have an overview of the thermal layers that may be employed and some layering strategies that are good for various environments. All divers are welcome to come and learn the tips and tricks that make diving drysuits easier. If you’re interested in comparing the pricing of various drysuits and thermals, feel free to stick around after the Winter Wednesday and we can go over whatever you might be interested in.


Many practices have been offered with the promise of improving the physiological safety of diving. While some do, others have the potential to both hurt and harm. The adage “the dose makes the poison” frequently applies to diving physiology. This presentation will consider issues and strategies to help in navigating between risk and hazard and to optimize safety.


Join this informative session that will look at strategies, Tools and Techniques for photo editing. We’ve all see that epic photo that we wished we took, but many of them have been “tweaked” by their digital artist to represent what they wanted the photo to communicate. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Our very own Shireen Nadir, a professional photographer, also published, will lead this session and share some valuable tips and tricks, including her love of Lightroom and other software that can help us photographers make a difference in how others experience what we saw!


This informal session is a great opportunity to talk to some of FNF’s awesome Instructors and Divemasters about the specialty courses we teach and love. Whether you’re looking to talk about a specific path or goal, or just what order to take some courses in to maximize your learning, we’ll be here to walk you through your options, both here at home and what you can take on Float N’ Flag trips. We’ll talk about various courses and the dives involved. Many of them are likely more fun that you though and they may just end up on your summer schedule!


Feb 16 – Getting the most out of my dive computer – Shearwater

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Mar 2 – The Broad Impact of Buoyancy Control in Diving Safety – Dr Pollock, Laval University

Missed these great events? Want to watch them now?

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