We wouldn’t say it if we couldn’t back it up. Feel free to compare a Reactor watch to any watch on the market, regardless of price. Our watches are built to meet, and in many cases exceed demanding Swiss standards, and we pack them with a group of features that we call the Reactor DNA that are found together on no other watch. Combined with unique styling and 90 models to choose from, we’re confident that we will be your next watch.

Can a Reactor Watch stop a bullet?

Henderson H2 Titanium 3mm Wetsuit
Ikelite JVC Picsio GC-FM1 Compact Video Package

Sherwood Brut Regulator
Fourth Element Arctic Drysuit Undergarment

Apeks Flight Regulator
Spare Air 300

Henderson Thermoprene 3mm
Akona RollerBag

Aqua Lung – Zuna BC
NeoSport – X-Span

Sherwood – Luna BC
Ikelite AF35 Auto Flash Kit

Atomic Aquatics Cobalt
Dive Alert Plus

Sherwood Scuba Magnum
Fourth Element Thermocline

Fourth Element Diving Boots
Fourth Element Proteus Wetsuit

SeaLife DC1400 Pro Duo