Float N’ Flag’s Winter Wednesday Seminar Series

At Float N’ Flag, we stand behind our commitment to being Ontario’s leading dive shop. While we work diligently to ensure our courses are superior, fun and engaging, we recognize that learning often occurs beyond the classroom walls. As usual, we have an exciting line-up of topics that are relevant and interesting for all levels of divers. This year we’ll also have some advanced level seminars. The entire seminar series, including celebs and keynote speakers, is totally FREE for the dive community, and it’s our hope that every one who attends will acquire knowledge and skills that will make them a better diver. All divers, from any shop at any level, are welcome to join us for one or all of our Seminars. Please register for each event using our simple online event registration page at EVENT REGISTRATION. We look forward to bringing you the best of the best and welcome your suggestions for further seminar topics. See you on a future Wednesday at 7:00pm!!

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Jan 25 – Extend your Dive Season with your Santi Drysuit – Orie Braun (Halcyon/Santi)
Feb 8 – Tec 40 – is it for me? – Trevor Kutcy
Feb 22 – All things Photography (pool night Feb 25) – Special Guest, Kevin Kidd from Sealife Cameras
Mar 8 – Divers Alert Network, Webinar: Thermal Physiology and Protection with Special Speaker Dr. Neal Pollock, DAN
Mar 22 -Reels & SMB’s (pool night Mar 25), Paul Finch
Apr 5 – Shearwater Research – Shearwater computers, something for everyone – Christina Peterson (Webinar)
Apr 19 – Discover local diving with Float N’ Flag – Brad Snyder & Michael Matthie
May 3 – Specialty Speed Dating – Which specialty is good for me? Float N’ Flag Instructor Team

Jan 25 -Extend your Dive Season with your Santi Drysuit
Orie Braun (Halcyon/Santi)
Want to extend your Dive Season? Come on out and hear from Orie Braun on why you want to own a Santi Drysuit. You will be able to dive all year round (especially with their heating systems!).
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Feb 8 – What is Tec 40 and is it for me? – Trevor Kutcy
There are lots of answers for the question “What is Tec Diving?”, but many of them are wrong or incomplete. Join us for this discussion on what Tec diving is, and isn’t, and whether it would be appropriate for you. This will allow you to see that you can complete an introductory Tec course with most of the gear you already own. We will look at definitions, gear requirements, gear “wish lists” and have a general discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of Tec diving. More and more people are realizing there are real and tangible benefits to taking an introductory Tec course, like the PADI Tec 40 course. Bring your questions and an open mind. Perhaps Tec diving is in your future!
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Feb 22 – All Things Photography (pool night Feb 25) – Special Guest, Kevin Kidd from Sealife Cameras
Learn all about Sealife cameras and how you can start capturing memories from your time underwater. Special guest speaker from Sealife Cameras (Kevin Kidd) will be here to inform you on the ins and outs and determine what is the perfect set-up for you. Join us for our pool demo day on February 25th. Register Now to Top

Mar 8 -Divers Alert Network, Webinar: Thermal Physiology and Protection with Special Speaker Dr. Neal Pollock, DAN

Diving is carried out in a wide range of environments and conditions. Thermal status is often appreciated as being important for comfort, but the more critical impact is on cognitive and physical performance, decision-making and decompression safety. Proper preparation can make a world of difference. This presentation will discuss thermal stress, thermal protection, and implications for diving health. Register Now to Top

Mar 22 – Reels & SMB’s (pool night Mar 25)
There are dozens of types or reels, spools and Surface Marker Buoys (SMB’s) out there, and they all have a purpose. Some are for cave diving. Some are for signaling. Some designate problems. Most divers have had little to no exposure or experience with these items, but a basic knowledge and confidence with them could increase your comfort level on your next dive or even save your life. Join us for an evening of hands on experience and exposure to the various versions of each. Our very own Paul Finch, an experienced cave diver and Cavern Instructor, will be on hand to walk us through the items and allow you to touch and feel for a much deeper understanding. For those that wish, the Mar 25 pool session (usual $25 that includes a rental tank or free air fill) will be focused on reels and SMB’s, allowing you to get some in water, hands on experience with the gear. Reels and SMB’s will be provided for your use in the pool.
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Apr 5 – Shearwater Research –Shearwater computers, something for everyone – Christina Peterson (Webinar)
Whether you are a recreational diver or a Technical diver, and whether you have a Shearwater computer or not, you’ll want to attend this session. For existing users, have you ever wondered what some of the features in the Shearwater are there for, and how they are intended to be used? This talk will discuss some of these features and how to use them to maximize your diving safety and enjoyment with a Shearwater computer. For those of you that don’t currently own a Shearwater computer, this is a great chance to see what it can do for you! Register Now to Top

Apr 19 – Local Diving: Is there anywhere around here to dive?
This may be one of the most common questions we get from new divers. It is usually followed by “I wouldn’t know where to go or what to see there”. Local diving is important to all of us at Flot N’ Flag, so we create lots of opportunities for you to join us as we dive our local waters. Join Mike and several of our Instructors and Divemasters as we talk about, and review, dozens of local diving opportunities and locations. We visit many of these each year and you can even sign up for some of those dive opportunities while you are here.
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May 3 –Specialty Speed Dating – Which specialty is good for me? Float N’ Flag Instructor Team
If you have been thinking about what other PADI specialty courses might be right for you, you won’t want to miss this evening. Explore all the PADI specialties offered at FNF and discover how they can benefit not only you, but those around you. Continually updating your skills and knowledge is the cornerstone to a long and exciting dive adventure. Let us help customize your adventure today!
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Pool N’ Pub nights:

Time: Arrive @ 3:30pm for 4:00 in water. All pool times are 4:00pm-5:30pm followed by social time at Crabby Joes Brantford. Click here for a map to the Wayne Gretzky Sports Complex pool. Cost is $25 weekly and includes a free fill or tank rental. Please register and pay in advance. You can pay either online or in the store. If you are using a store rental tank, please make arrangements to pick it up at the store.  Rental Equipment:  If you require a reg or BCD rental, please contact the store and make a reservation.  As with the tanks, you will be responsible for picking up this gear in advance at the store.

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