Holiday Monday Drift Dives

“That was awesome!  Definitely writing that in my log book as the most fun dive ever!”  This is often heard just as divers break the surface after completing a drift dive in the Niagara River with Float N’ Flag. If you love drifting, we’d love to have you join us.

Participants on our seasonal summer drifts must either have a drift diver specialty certification or be Advanced Open Water divers with documented drift experience. Please ensure you provide the shop with your certifications (if not taken with us) before the weekend or let us know about your experience. These dives are a ton of fun, but it’s not the place to “learn” about drift diving.

If you’re interested in our Advanced Open Water course, which includes a drift dive, CLICK HERE to view the details on our course. If you’re already AOW certified but didn’t do a drift dive, or would prefer to become a more experienced and certified drift diver, then our Drift Diver specialty course is for you. It’s offered 3 different times through the summer and is lead by Float N’ Flag Drift Diver Instructors with lots of drift experience in the Niagara River and around the world. CLICK HERE for further information on this cool specialty.

See you underwater!

You can register in person at the shop, or better yet, use our online registration form.

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