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So you’ve decided you want to become a PADI Instructor? Now you need to decide where to take your Instructor course, and that one decision may be the most important you make in your diving career. Fortunately, if you’re reading this, you’re in the right place. For decades, the industry’s top PADI instructors and leaders have been selecting Float N’ Flag Dive Centre (Burlington, Ontario) for their Instructor Development Course. Keep reading to find out more.

Who are we?

Float N’ Flag is one of Canada’s largest and most respected 5 Star IDC Centres. We’ve been teaching diving for over 40 years, and have the most experienced team in the country. With 4 IDC Staff Instructors, 2 Master Instructors and 2 Course Directors, you literally have the most experienced teaching team at your disposal for the course and beyond, which is critical to your continued growth and success as a PADI instructor. We have excellent classroom facilities, a spectacular and well stocked retail centre, a full service lab including repairs and service for most brands, are the only 5-Star IDC Centre with a membrane compressor system and so much more. The breadth and depth of your Instructor Development Course is unparalled and no other dive centre can offer you this.

Why Float N’ Flag for My IDC?

Reason #1

We have the most experienced IDC teaching team in the country. You’ll be taught and mentored by the industries best and most experienced instructor trainers. The team teaching approach that we employ means you’ll get perspective from a number of different instructors, broadening your experience and information base.

Reason #2

We simply offer you more. We are not here to train you to pass your instructor exams… All of our candidates can do that! It’s a natural by-product of being well trained. So don’t worry about passing your exams…We are here to train you as an industry leading Instructor. We’ll focus on making good decisions, developing the tools to use good judgement, adopting a culture of safety and the importance of continuing education. You’ll be better equipped than other instructors and intuitively know how to handle situations that will come up once you begin teaching.

Reason #3

We love the environment, and our commitment to it, and to you, is a key to our mutual success. Since this will be an important part of your future, understanding and participating in this critical pillar of the dive community is key to your education. Our team is actively engaged in Seeking Adventure and Saving the Ocean. We have a strong recycling program in-house, are a 100% PADI AWARE Facility, organize local clean up dives, offer the PADI AWARE courses such as Dive Against Debris and Aware Shark Conservation and so much more. We’ll discuss these key areas throughout your IDC, and all our IDC candidates will receive their Specialty Instructor Certifications Courses for Aware Shark and Dive Against Debris for FREE when you register for the Instructor Development Course with Float N’ Flag. All with a lot of fun thrown in!

Reason #4

More Workshops + More Training = Better Instructors. Every FNF candidate is treated like you’ll be working for us… even if you aren’t. That means every staff member involved in your training has a vested interest in making you the absolute BEST instructor you can be. Their reputation, and ours, depends on it, so everybody wins!

Here is a list of just some of the unique and Value Added offerings you’ll receive as part of your IDC bundle here at Float N’ Flag.

  • Workshop : Field Equipment Repairs for PADI pros (FNF exclusive)
  • Aware Shark Conservation and Dive Against Debris Specialty Instructor certification courses
  • Emergency O2 Provider Instructor Training & Certification course
  • Workshop: Effective Techniques for Teaching Dive Tables (FNF Exclusive)
  • Understanding Physics for PADI pros (FNF Exclusive)
  • Liftbags, SMB’s, Reels & Pony Bottles workshop (FNF Exclusive)
  • Membrane Compressor Seminar (FNF Exclusive)
  • Hydrostatic Testing Overview Workshop (FNF Exclusive)
  • Fill Station Operator training
  • Plus an exclusive FNF Instructor Essentials and Bonus package

If you’d like more info on our IDC, including a more complete list of the inclusions in your IDC with us, please click here and give us your contact info so we can get this out to you.

Our Unique Facilities

A major part of your value to FNF, and any other dive operation around the world for that matter, is the depth and breadth of your experience. That’s why taking your IDC at Canada’s Industry Leading 5-Star IDC Centre is key to your success. As you can see from the abbreviated list of extras above, you get so much more from Float N’ Flag than you will get elsewhere. We have the unique facilities to help get you this experience before you’re even completed your course!! Familiarizing you with a membrane compressor system and how it works, is something no other Canadian 5-Star IDC can offer you. Same thing with our Field Repairs for PADI Pros seminar, which was created and is delivered my our experienced service technician. This is a huge bonus. Plus, any shop you go to needs you to be a Fill Station Operator, so having your Fill Station Operator’s certificate gives you a leg up on all the other candidates out there looking for jobs.

Your Chance To Grow!

Since you’re trained to be one of our own, should you be looking to build some experience and certifications towards your Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating, we are here to help. With 3 Specialty Instructor Ratings included in your IDC bundle, you only need 2 more and then some certs to qualify for your MSDT. You pick the Specialty Instructor Ratings you’re looking for and we’ll get you there. Plus you’ll work alongside Canada’s top Instructors as they mentor you and help you with your continued development as a new Instructor.

Welcome to the Community!

While we recognize that not all of our PADI PROS will be joining the FNF teaching staff, you’ll always be part of the FNF community and are always welcome to contact us with questions about courses you’re running and anything else related to your professional status in the industry. We’re here for you, even the ones destined to working in the tough-to-take locations like the Caribbean and the South Pacific! LOL. Even you are welcome to leverage our experience and knowledge to ensure you continue to offer superior training to your students. Both the operators you work for, and the student you have in your care, will appreciate you selecting FNF as you IDC centre!

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