16 Ways To Support Your Local Dive Shop!

How is a dive shop like a coral reef? Both are something divers need and love.
Coral reefs do just fine without people around, but for dive shops it’s the opposite. They depend on a steady flow of customers to cover staffing and numerous operational expenses. It’s a scary time for us dive shop owners, but there are things you can do as divers to help – even if you’re experiencing lean times yourselves. Thanks to PADI for helping build this list!

You don’t have to buy a new BC or dive computer to help out (but we would love it if you did); the little stuff helps too. If every diver bought just one small thing, a bottle of defog or wetsuit cleaner, it could make a massive difference.
Whether you have disposable income or just some extra free time, here are 16 ways to support your favourite dive centre or resort.

1. Purchase a gift card for your future self or someone in your dive crew.
2. Get your dive gear serviced (yes, you really need to do this).
3. Create a gift package for you or a friend with Scuba diving essentials.
4. Postpone, don’t cancel, any courses or trips you have booked.
5. Book a dive trip for later this year or next year.
6. Enroll in a PADI eLearning course (25% off this month, BTW).
7. Complete an entire PADI course online via video chat. Ask us about current offerings.
8. Contact your local PADI dive centre to start an online course in photo editing, citizen science, etc.
9. Participate in store organized fun dives from shore (while following social distancing best practices, and local regulations of course).
10. Invest in an air fill card. (especially before prices go up)
11. Keep supporting our FNF Community Social Events. Zero Cost. Great Connections. Build community.
12. Comment on, like and share FNF’s social media posts.
13. Leave a positive review on TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, etc.
14. Convince one person you know to try scuba diving when life returns to normal (either an Open Water Course or even a Discover Scuba experience)
15. If you don’t have a save-a-dive kit, why not put one together?
16. Now’s a good time to stock up on scuba diving essentials below. Many are in our online store that we are working on, but there is lots more in store.

  • Defog
  • Drysuit zipper wax
  • Wetsuit cleaner
  • BCD cleaner
  • Steam-2-Sea sunscreen
  • BC clips
  • Gear marking pen/paint
  • An octo holder
  • ScubaDo Socks
  • Rashguard or diveskin
  • Dive Mat
  • New logbook
  • Many more ideas in store!

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