Float N’ Flag Brings Largest Dive Group to Tobermory – 2011

Once again, the Float N’ Flag Dive Centre, located in Burlington, ON, is honoured to be bringing the single largest dive groups to Tobermory to enjoy some of the best wreck diving in the world.

With almost 50 divers, this group literally takes over the little town for the weekend. “All of our divers were wearing “TOBERMORY TAKEOVER” T-shirts for the weekend and were being stopped by locals and tourists alike because the shirts were everywhere” says Brad Snyder, owner of the Float N’ Flag. “It’s all about making it a fun weekend experience for the divers” says Snyder. The Float N’ Flag staff and instructors put on a big BBQ for their divers, local dive shop staff and others on the Saturday evening at the Coachman Inn where the group has been staying for the last 4 years. The group is very diverse in their experience too, which is what makes this a unique group. With 4 boats chartered, 2 with Tobermory Aquasports and 2 with G&S Watersports, the group covers a wide range of the wrecks in Tobermory. 2 of the boats are reserved for new divers and those with Open Water certification, while the others are more Advanced and Technical divers. All boats are lead by an Instructor or Divemaster to ensure the divers are all safe, comfortable and happy. With 2012 promising to be an even larger group than in the past, this team really seems to have developed the right formula for the best dive weekend of the year.

Check them out at www.floatnflag.com

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