Float N’ Flag key to Success of music Video launch

Float N’ Flag Divers and UW video gear used in the shooting of THEORY OF A DEADMAN’s most recent hit music video release. Watch the video and read more.

“Head Above Water” is an ironic song title considering what we were asked to do!

As the summer sun set on the horizon, Float N’ Flag’s own Sean Edmiston and owner, Brad Snyder, donned their scuba gear for what would be a 6-7 hour dive….well, only sort of. This wasn’t some big technical dive. Sean and Brad were part of the crew helping take underwater footage for the just released music video “Keep Your Head Above Water” by THEORY OF A DEADMAN. It was filmed in a pool in Guelph, Ontario.

Black Fawn Films needed a quick and effective solution for some underwater filming work for THEORY OF A DEADMAN’S upcoming video release. Float N’ Flag’s expertise and gear for underwater imaging and videography was just what they needed to get the job done. We did the whole shoot using a Canon 7D camera, a 17/85 lens and an Ikelite UW camera housing to gather all the UW footage used in the video. “It was great to be on set and in the water… to be there filming with the crew” says Sean. The only part that was tough was finishing the shoot at 4:00am and then driving straight to work. Ahhh, the life of a film crew!

Brad was also shooting video with another HD camera for alternate angles, and the 7D did a remarkably good job of capturing exactly what they were looking for. You just have to look at the quality of the finished product to see that. Brad’s Ikelite UW camera housing made it all possible, and some great help and overnight shipping on Ikelite’s part, we had all the dome ports we needed on site ready for the shoot (we had less than a weeks notice).


Brad, whose video and still photography has been seen around the world and used in Ikelite Photo School seminars, was thrilled to be part of the team. “We look forward to working with these guys again. It was a pleasure being their eyes and ears underwater. None of the crew were divers, so they depended on us to keep them informed about what we were shooting and how things looked. ”

We’ve just been asked to participate with the same group of folks who are now working on a feature film being shot in Collingwood next week. Let’s hope this ones a daytime shoot!

Enjoy the video, but as divers, it more fun if you “DONT KEEP YOUR HEAD ABOVE WATER”. Get out there and enjoy all that the underwater world has to offer.

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