Come join us and experience all of the amazing diving all around us. Experience the underwater world in our own backyard.


Gulliver’s’ Lake weekly dives start May 30th

Details to be announced

Tobermory Takeover

Open Water Divers & Advanced Divers, August 17, 18 & 19, 2018
Cost $375.00 – $450.00
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Always a popular destination for our dive community. See amazing shipwrecks and enjoy drift diving. This year the trip will be July 14-15. Divers must be advanced certified and have drift experience.

Details to Follow


Drive n’ Dive Weekends

Drive n’ Dive 2018 (July 28/29) & (Sept. 22/23)

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Gilboa Quarry

Whether you’re looking for an Open Water dive site or to participate in a deep diver course, Gilboa has it all.  Float N’ Flag groups headed to Gilboa are often quite diverse, and we have people that can help lead you through your weekend of great diving and tons of fun.  Visit the bus, the plane, the helicopter, the tubes or just enjoy the multitude of fish in this great quarry.  This is also a relatively low-cost weekend.  There are several budget hotels nearby, and your only other cost will be quarry fees and fills.  Register today so we can book rooms.  If you want to take your Deep Diver or Advanced course while you are there, please let us know that also. 

Details to follow