Seize the Day – Dive Dry!

Owning a drysuit is THE proverbial “game changer” for cold water divers. Sure, spring straps, SeaCure custom moldable mouthpieces and Scuba Do socks are accessories that no diver should be without, but there is likely no piece of scuba gear for the general dive community that completely changes the diving experience like a drysuit. Having been a Canadian cold water diver for 15+ years, and involved in a dive shop for most of those, I’ve heard some great rationale from divers about why they will, won’t, or don’t, dive locally. The common thread for all these points, pro or con, is almost always diver comfort. While ice diving may not be in your future, comfortably gliding along the spectacular deck of the Rose Castle in Newfoundland, photographing the bow sprint of the Arabia in Georgian Bay or coming face to face with a wolf eel in BC may be some of the highlights of your dive career. They have been in mine, and each has seen me in a drysuit. Enjoying these epic moments would not be possible, at least for me, in a wetsuit. I needed to be focussed on enjoying what I was looking at, not how quickly I could get out of there and end the inevitable shivering.

COVID and the restrictions it has brought have altered our lives forever, yet this may arguably be the optimal time for you to invest in a drysuit. For starters, most of us have been unable to travel, which means we might just have a little extra cash tucked away that would have otherwise been used for that Caribbean trip we couldn’t take. Pulling the proverbial trigger now will allow us to get your suit ordered and delivered in the winter so you’re ready to start as soon as diving begins in the spring. How are we going to help? Float N’ Flag instructors have trained hundreds of drysuit divers, and our divers are easy to spot in the water. They have solid buoyancy control and excellent trim. To help you become part of the best trained drysuit community in Canada, here’s what we’re going to do to help out for those that buy a drysuit before the end of 2020. You’ll be helping yourself get the most out of diving, plus you’ll be helping the shop immensely as we enter our traditional slow season.

  1. Super Safe Personal Measuring Appointment. We’ll be here when it fits your schedule, in a large disinfected room, with good air circulation and with minimal interaction.
  2. 75% Lower Deposit – from now until Dec 30, only a $500 Deposit, with balance due on delivery of your finished suit in the new year.
  3. Personal Prep Session – A one-on-one fitting, seal trimming, maintenance and regulator set-up session upon arrival of your suit. This makes sure you’re ready to get wet (figuratively!) in a safe, private environment.
  4. Free Drysuit Course Instruction – You simply purchase the e-learning module and we’ll waive the instructor fees – a $225 value!!
  5. Free Private Confined Water training session
  6. Free Pool N’ Pub sessions for remainder of 2021 winter season – allows you to practice your newly found skills before your spring certification dives – a $350 value (Note: Rental gear other than tank/weights is extra)

Drysuit and local diving may not be for everyone, but with some of the best diving in the world within cooler Canadian waters, it’s the one tool you should consider investing in if you want to get the most out of your diving year. Whether it’s the incredible shipwrecks of Bell Island in Newfoundland, the pristine wrecks in the clear waters of the Great Lakes or the abundant and diverse marine life of the North Pacific, a drysuit facilitates access to these sites and ensures a greater comfort level while you dive them. Float N’ Flag is currently planning trips to all these places, plus many more, so don’t miss out on what might be some of the best travel opportunities in 2021.

Along these lines, and once you’re certified, there are numerous benefits that our drysuit divers rave about and are thankful for. Here are a few of these key benefits…

  1. Earlier start to the dive season – start diving in April, not June!
  2. More comfortable regular dive season – just change your thermal layers, but stay warm and dry all season long, be it Tobermory, Niagara River or Brockville.
  3. Access to dive locations for drysuit divers only – Open up additional dive site opportunities, both locally and within Canada. Once travel opens up, additional dives like Guadeloupe with Great Whites, also are far more comfortable in a drysuit.
  4. Later close to dive season – Keep diving through Nov/Dec, or even the winter, as weather permits.
  5. Ice Diving – While you may not have thought of this for yourself in the past, your warmth and enjoyment diving in cold water may find you thinking about this one. Some of you may stick to the “Ice is for drinks” philosophy, but we’ve had many ice diving students that once thought that way (me included).

We’ll be hosting some Zoom info sessions with our 3 main Drysuit manufacturers, namely Fourth Element, Santi and Bare, over the coming weeks. If you are interested in attending any of these, please let us know by CLICKING HERE and registering for the ones you’re interested in. Don’t be surprised if additional savings or bonus offers for your drysuit purchase are offered for attendees! If you’re ready to commit now and know what you want, not to worry. You’ll get the same promo that’s offered to attendees that night.

Fourth Element – Wednesday, December 2, 2020 : 7:00pm-8:30pm
Santi – Wednesday, December 9, 2020 : 7:00-8:30pm
Bare – Wednesday, December 16, 2020 : 7:00-8:30pm

For those already into a drysuit that may want to get some additional thermals, we have something special for you as well. We are offering 20% off your second thermals purchase from us. Whether it’s heated undergarments, base layer or main thermals, we’re here to support you and help you save!

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