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If you’ve always wondered what lies beneath the surface, now’s the time to find out. Start the journey of a lifetime with the PADI Open Water Diver course at the FLOAT N’ FLAG Dive Centre. It will change you forever!!

In the PADI Open Water Diver course, your PADI Instructor takes you through the basics of learning how to scuba dive. You start in a pool or pool-like conditions and progress to the open water (ocean, lake, quarry, etc.) getting the background knowledge along the way.

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Earning your PADI Open Water Diver certification is just the beginning. Adventure awaits you every time you head under water, and Float N’ Flag gives you lots of opportunities to do that.

Your Course:
There are 3 main elements to the Open Water Diver Course: Class, Pool and Open Water. Our professional instructors will guide you through the process with a ton of individual attention, meaning you’ll finish your course with superior skills and confidence.

Here’s a brief outline of the 3 main learning segments:

Padi Book1. Knowledge Development – This develops your familiarity with basic principles and procedures. You complete Knowledge Development on your own, reading the PADI Open Water Diver Manual and watching the corresponding section of the PADI Open Water Diver DVD.

Diver in swimming pool2. Confined Water Dives – This is what it’s all about – diving! You develop basic scuba skills in a pool. Here you’ll learn everything from setting up your gear to how to easily get water out of your mask without surfacing. Over the course of the weekend, you will attain the skills you need to dive in open water.

Divers jumping off boat3. Open Water Dives – You and the new friends you’ve made continue learning during four open water dives with your PADI Instructor at a dive site. This is where you have fun putting it all together and fully experience the underwater adventure.

Upon successful completion of these 4 Open Water dives, you’ll be a certified PADI OPEN WATER DIVER!!

Please open or download the Open Water Scuba Diver PDF below. It’ll give you a few more details on the course, costs, gear that you’ll need and a list of all the dates this course is offered this year. If you don’t see a date that works for you, be sure to contact the shop as we add courses regularly based on demand.

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