Top 5 Reasons to Dive in Mexico’s Cenotes

Mexico’s secret subterranean lake and cave formations were once revered by the ancient Mayans as sacred portals to the underworld. Made of underwater caverns and tunnels, majestic cenotes make for a surreal and thrilling tropical diving experience. Cenote diving is unlike any other experience you’ll have in the world of scuba diving. Known by the local people as ‘sacred wells,’ the natural cenotes concentrated in the Yucatan state are the perfect location for a once-in-a-lifetime diving adventure.

On Float ‘n’ Flag’s upcoming SCUBA diving trip to Yucatan Peninsula, you’ll dive among the most spectacular underwater scenery with an expert guide. You’ll also soak up the best of Mexico’s tropical weather, fabulous cuisine and lively culture.

Here are five reasons to enjoy a group diving tour to Mexico’s Cenotes:

  • Stunning Cenotes

Mexico’s secret underground caverns were formed when limestone rock caved in, leaving a hole in the earth that collected a pool of luminous freshwater. Some cenotes are vertical, water-filled shafts set in the jungle, while others are open fresh water caves that contain dark pools and underwater passageways in their interior. Some cenotes have bright blue waters perfect for snorkeling while others have deep, dark waters perfect for dreamlike diving. All of the cenotes contain translucent fresh water that has been naturally filtered by the earth, making the caves so clear and pure that you can easily see from one side to another.

In Yucatan’s cenotes, impossibly long stalagmites and stalactites are everywhere, making them a photographer’s dream. Cenote waters are inhabited by colorful fish and some have bats and hummingbirds flying around breathtaking cavern ceilings.

  • Expert Dive Guide

On this trip you’ll get to explore the Yucatan’s most cherished cenotes, each with its own features and scenery. Follow extensive underground river systems and explore the inner world of the Yucatan’s cenotes. Get lost with your guide and look for ancient treasure in cathedral-like chambers and subterranean passageways. Don’t forget your underwater camera! In the cenotes crystal-clear waters, you’ll get aquatic-playground shots in HD precision. Need an extra set of hands for to take an underwater photo? Your dive guide can help you set up that winning underwater shot.

  • Blissful Beaches

With lush palms, powdery white sands, azure Caribbean waters and healthy coral reefs, Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula is a true slice of paradise. It’s nearly impossible not to feel happy and relaxed here. On this trip, you’ll have the option to enjoy some relaxing beach time, along with ocean dives. Wade, snorkel or dive among brilliantly-coloured marine life. You might meet a sea turtle, a barracuda or an elusive Mexican sailfish.

  • All Food & Drink

Margarita anyone? Mexico’s food and drink is so popular that it is served in restaurants and homes across the globe. But on this trip to the Yucatan, you’ll get the freshest and most flavourful cuisine of all. For your entire stay, you’ll enjoy unlimited food and drink. Diverse Mexican cuisine as well as American and international dishes will be available each day. Freshly made Mojitos, Cuba Libres, Pina Coladas and all the best bevvies will be flowing freely.

  • New Friends

All dives are guided, with a ratio of four divers per guide. Diving solo? No problem! Single divers are most welcome and we’ll work to find you a roomie. Want to bring your friend or partner thats not into SCUBA? Bring them along! This friendly trip is great for non-divers, or those who wish to snorkel instead of dive. Whether you prefer to stay above or below the water surface, you’ll enjoy plenty of fun-in-the-sun adventure and relaxation time.

Ready to take the plunge?

Our Mexican cenotes tour is scheduled for April 22-29, 2018. Book now to avoid disappointment! 

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