Scuba Diving License

We’ve had several questions this week about the difference between a Scuba Diving License and a Scuba Diving Certification.

The truth is, in the scuba world, there really isn’t a material difference.  The key point is, have you been properly trained, by a Scuba Instructor? Are you a safe and comfortable diver for the environment and conditions you’ll be diving in?

Getting hung up on calling it a Scuba Diving  “License”, “certification”, “ticket” (we even hear it called “getting my PADI”) doesn’t make any difference.  But whatever you call it, having it does make a big difference.  It says you’re ready for Fun and Adventure, and while we tend to call it a certification at our shop, there is no right or wrong here.

Once you achieve it, it tells a dive operator, shop, or even a new buddy, that you are certified to dive. Most certifications have limits or guidelines, like diving to 60 feet for an Open Water PADI certification or being able to dive 22%-40% gas blends for an Enriched Air Diver.  Following and respecting those limits are part of the “agreement” you made when you took your course.

Sadly, we all know people who push past those limits, often with poor results.  Sometimes things work out ok, but doing something wrong 100 times doesn’t make you right once.  What this often raises is another important question, which is what’s the difference between being certified and being qualified.  Stay tuned for that “controversial”.

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