The BC1 redefines traditional BC design. Every detail was reexamined. Every material and component was rethought. The BC1 is designed to be the TOUGHEST performance BC in the world.


The New Atomic BC1 is for the diver who wants the absolute BEST on the market. As with every Atomic Aquatics product, it redefines the product category.

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p-1ThirdModular Design

The Piranha brings back the original idea we had when we first developed the Sierra Scooter, a modular platform that lends itself to multiple batteries for a variety of different dives. From recreational to technical to cave exploration, the Piranha is the the only scooter you’ll need.


There is no longer a need to mess with bags and led shot to get your X-Scooter weighted perfectly. The Piranha is ready to go out of the box. Simply take the two weight plates out for Fresh Water leave them in for Salt. You’ll have perfect buoyancy and trim either way.

 1000pix - IMG_9807-e_clipped_rev_1GoPro Ready

We’ve integrated the most popular video system in the world into the best scooter in the world. Built into the handle is a GoPro mount that can fit both a camera as well as neutrally buoyant gauge mounts. With your GoPro mounted on the scooter, you’ll always have a steady platform to film your dives.


The Piranha is the lightest DPV on the market weighing only 25lb/11kg. You no longer need a 85lb scooter to get 2 hours of run time. It’s easy to carry, too with the integrated carry handle. Nothing could be easier.

programableProgrammable Electronics

You can customize your ride with our programmable electronics. Select which gear to start in and how much power goes to each gear. You can even see the health of the scooter with the integrated data logging programming.